• Group Standards of Buoyancy Rubber Pontoon for Floating Salvage

    Since 2008, we have been developing and manufacturing Floating Rubber Pontoon for wrecked ship salvage, laying of underwater pipelines, and installation of box culverts. The year of 2013 witnessed the extension of our buoyancy airbag technology into offshore oil engineering. In 2016, the wreck of the South Korean passenger ship 'Sewol' had attracted great worldwide attention. Our company designed the largest flexible rubber pontoon which could provide 200 tons buoyancy, it help 'Sewol' lifting out the water surface.

    Our company has firstly proposed the concept of flexible rubber pontoonand led to draw up the Group Standards of Pneumatic Rubber Pontoon for Floating Salvageof diving and salvage industry.

    Salvage Pontoons

    Pipeline and cable laying

    Vessel float-up tool

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