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    What is a Yokohama fender?
    Yokohama Pneumatic Rubber Fenders are mainly used in ship-to-ship (STS) and ship to dock/jetties (STD/J) projects. The pneumatic rubber fender is also known as the Yokohama type Fender/Floating Fender/Dock Fender. These kinds of Yokohama Fenders became the world's leading anti-collision device.
    Pneumatic Rubber Fenders are fast and easy to install, keeping suitable clearances between the hull and the jetty or vessels. These ship fenders played a critical role on the safe operation of ship berthing.
    When berthing under bad weather conditions, the ship is subjected to wave action, especially expansion, resulting in the ship moving up and down, back and forth, left and right on the wharf. The Yokohama fender allows mild initial contact, gradually increasing reaction force and large allowable deflection, which means that the ship and mooring facilities can be protected even in bad weather conditions. In view of these advantages, many deep-water ports and large offshore loading facilities use Yokohama pneumatic fender.
    ISO 17357:2002 specifies the materials, properties and dimensions of high-pressure floating pneumatic rubber fender for berthing and mooring a ship to another ship or berthing structure. It also specifies the test and inspection procedures for high-pressure floating pneumatic rubber fender.

    What are the different types of fenders?

    1.Net type pneumatic fenders
    Net type pneumatic fenders are fitted with a chain-tyre net. The net consisits of used tyres connected by a network of horizontal and verticl chains, which adds further protection to the fender body.
    2.Sling type fenders
    Sling type fenders are net type fenders without chains or tyre nets but with a specially processed outer rubber double-layered cover, which consists of a single cover and an extra tyre cord layer, resulting in better resistance tooperational damages.
    3.Hydro-pneumatic fender
    Hydro-pneumatic fender, developed from traditional pneumatic fender, can be applied for submarine,semi-submerged ship which have underwater berthingrequirement of STD or STS.
    4.Rib type
    The Rib type pneumatic rubber fender is a brand new design, with high-strength rubber ribs on the outside of the body. Compared with the sheathed fender, this type of fender has better performance, not only is light and easy to operate, but also more beautiful and durable.

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    yokohama fenders specification

    yokohama fender size chart

    Yokohama pneumatic fender 50 (metric) standard sizes

    Technical performance table 

    Nominal size diameter x length

    mm x mm

    Initial internal pressure


    Guaranteed energy absorption (GEA)


    Reaction force at GEA


    Hull pressure at GEA


    Safety valve setting pressure


    Testing pressure


    Approx. fender body weight


    Approx. weight of net


    Weight of sling type (type II)


    500 x 100050664132-2002216032
    700 x 15005017137135-2004518555
    1000 x 15005032182122-2007325098
    1000 x 20005045257132-20088385113
    1200 x 20005063297126-200131430156
    1350 x 250050102427130-200200675240
    1500 x 300050153579132-200250795290
    1700 x 300050191639128-200290830330
    2000 x 350050308875128-2004051165465
    2000 x 4500504181188137-2004801700540
    2500 x 400050663138113717525090217451080
    2500 x 5500509432019148175250109027651320
    3300 x 45005011751884130175250146026501840
    3300 x 65005018143015146175250187038402250
    3300 x 10,6005030675257158175250256067553060
    4500 x 9000504752574714617525039407365-
    4500 x 12,000506473798415817525047909875-