What is a Caisson Moving Airbag?
The role of flexible rubber floats in flotation assistance and salvage applications
What is a Caisson Moving Airbag?
The role of flexible rubber floats in flotation assistance and salvage applications

Foam Filled Fender

Solid polyurethane fenders are widely used in ports, offshore, oil platforms and ship-to-ship operations. Shandong Nanhai solid polyurethane floating fender, also known as foam-filled fender, is a marine foam-filled fender built with the latest design and material technology. Marine EVA fenders offer proven, premium features in a high-performance fender system.
Foam-filled fenders use lightweight and highly elastic foam as the cushioning medium, which has better performance than inflatable fenders. The high strength, high elasticity, high adhesion and maximum anti-penetration and aging resistance of high-quality materials can ultimately realize the design life and economic value of the polyurethane fender itself.

Marine foam-filled fenders provide the ultimate protection for ship-to-ship and ship-to-dock applications, offering superior abrasion resistance in the harshest conditions. The Shandong Nanhai polyurethane foam fender has a hollow hull, with a steel pipe in the middle to connect it to the dock. This unique design allows the polyurethane fender to float up and down in the tide and rotate freely, making it an ideal foam floating fender for large tidal swings in the area, for corner protection or as a guard against turns.

Advantages of Foam Filled Fenders

Reliability and safety are the biggest features of industrial products (polyurethane fenders). Nanhai will redefine a new standard for the marine fender industry: the Nanhai 4P2S standard, through newly upgraded polyurethane fenders. Nanhai 4P2S standard is a more comprehensive standard, covering all aspects of product design, production, process, performance, customization, service, etc.

  1. There is no performance loss and it will not sink even if it is damaged.
  2. Minor surface damage can be easily repaired on site.
  3. Low hull pressure and traceless polyurea surface.
  4. High-quality polyurea coating with thickness up to 2mm-20mm.
  5. The product is environmentally friendly and pollution-free.
  6. Polyurethane fenders are available in a variety of exterior colors.
  7. The polyurethane fender design has a stable structure, is extremely strong, has large energy absorption and small reaction force.
  8. The outer polyurea and skeleton layers are elastic and slowly rebound to their original shape after compression.
  9. Polyurethane fenders have excellent corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance, puncture resistance, and strong UV resistance.
  10. Foam filled fenders have high breaking strength, high elongation and superior physical properties.

Uses of Foam Filled Fenders

As an important protective device, Nanhai foam fender is widely used in the shipping industry:

  1. Naval ship berths and cruise terminals;
  2. Offshore working platform;
  3. Mooring operations;
  4. Ship-to-ship operation;
  5. Ship-to-shore operation;
  6. Oil and gas terminals.