EVA Polyurethane Fender Introduction

EVA polyurethane fenders are divided into two types: sheathed and unsheathed. Polyurea material is mainly used as the outer protective layer, and EVA foam material is […]

How To Choose Polyurethane Fenders

The three most important parts of a polyurethane fender are: foam core, polyurethane coating, and bottom bracket. Customers must pay attention to the quality issues of […]

How To Choose A Suitable Ship Launching Airbag?

Marine launching airbags are currently the lowest cost and riskiest ship launching solution. It overcomes the shortcomings of fixed track launching and provides convenience for ship […]

The Difference Between Marine Fenders And Dock Fenders

What are marine fenders? Marine fenders are marine ball or polyurethane fenders hung on the side of the ship and placed on the deck when the […]

Advantages of Ship Launching Airbags

Our ship launching airbags are made of high-quality materials with extremely high wear and corrosion resistance and can withstand the test of various harsh environments. The […]

Advantages And Applications Of Cylindrical Fenders

Advantages of cylindrical rubber fenders1.Robust and economical design2.All sizes up to 2700mm diameter3.Progressive Load-Deflection Curve4.Energy and reactions scale up5.Thick-walled wear-resistant6.Easy to install Application of cylindrical rubber […]

Advantages And Applications Of D Type Rubber Fenders

D-type rubber fender features:1.Easy to install2.Wide application3.Popular D-Squeeze4.length can be customized5.Highly durable rubber fenders6.Rugged Rubber Fenders7.Custom size8.Various colors can be customized D-type rubber fender application:1. Dock […]

Super Cell Rubber Fenders Of NANHAI

NANHAI Super Cell Rubber Fenders are one of the most popular rubber fenders today, with a wide range of uses, mainly used in container and bulk […]