Super Arch Rubber Fender

The arched fenders are manufactured from a single rubber mold and are very strong and wear-resistant. The shape of the arched fender also gives it unique […]

EVA Foam Fender

Nanhai Foam Fender Introduction Nanhai EVA foam fender uses lightweight elastic foam as a cushioning medium. EVA foam fenders are environmentally friendly and have high elastic […]

How To Repair A Broken Marine Airbag?

Nowadays, the quality requirements of shipboard supplies are getting higher and higher, because more and more accidents occur on ships. Some shipboard supplies are not disposable […]

Introduction To Marine Fenders

Inflatable fenders are rubber products specially designed for ships. They are usually used to protect the contact parts between ships and docks to prevent damage and […]

What Is A Floating Fender

Floating fender is a protective device used to protect the space between ships and docks. It is usually made of rubber, polyethylene and other materials and […]

Foam Fender Usage Guide

Some key points for using foam fenders: In general, the foam fender structure has the advantages of being lightweight, energy-absorbing, and anti-corrosion, but it requires maintenance […]