Nowadays, NANHAI has become China most professional provider of offshore flotation solutions. NANHAI Floating Technology involves floating product R&D, design and manufacture, as well as overall solutions for salvage or float assistance.

  • Offshore Floating Solutions
  • Buoyancy Airbags
  • Salvage Airbags


The floating facility and floating application technology independently developed and manufactured by NANHAI have been widely used in various marine fields, and got verified. They have the characteristics of high safety, strong stability and easy operation. At the same time, they have greatly replaced the use of traditional steel pontoons and floating cranes which greatly reduces offshore project costs and is extremely economical.

NANHAI established a professional Floating Technology R&D Team with more than 30 technical members dedicated to floating facility development and floating technology development. For more information, please visit NANHAI Floating Technology Page.

Buoyancy Airbags


Salvage Airbags

NanHai-salvage-rubber airbag

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Feel free to contact us for more details

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