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Floating Pneumatic Fenders
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Floating Foam Fenders

Polyurethane Foam Filled Fenders is a floating type compression fender that used lightweight and highly elastic EVA foam as a cushioning medium, The floating foam fender is very safe to use, and there is no risk of blasting. Even if the outer skin is damaged, it will not sink. It can still maintain basic functions until you can repair it.

Excellent energy absorption performance and coupled with low reaction force makes berthing operations easier-especially in difficult conditions. The floating foam fenders are very suitable for dock, especially dock with large tidal range. In other hand, it’s also efficient for ship-to-ship(STS) operations and bridge pier protection.

Floating Foam FendersFloating Foam Fenders


In recent years, a new type of spraying polyurethane (polyurea) technology has been invented by NANHAI to make the surface of the foam filled fender anti-corrosive and scratch-resistant. It can adapt to various harsh weather environments, reducing the resultant force acted upon the wharf/vessel at the point of contact.

NANHAI Foam Filled Fenders’ parameters are available in diameters from 500 mm to 4,500 mm and lengths from 800 mm to 10,600 mm, Depends on the different used and applications,the fenders could be installed with a two or four point mounting system. Standard colors of foam filled fenders are black and orange, if any special requests from our customers we are willing to offer personal options for colors.

The use of memory foams for the fender core, which have high compressive strengths, results in an ability to absorb a great deal of energy during marine operations. This is complemented by low reaction forces, making berthing operations easier – especially in difficult conditions.

Users also gain peace of mind from knowing that the closed cell structure of the foams used means that these fenders are virtually unsinkable and will keep functioning – even if damaged beyond viable repair.




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    Key features of floating foam fenders:

    • High energy absorption/low reaction force
    • Virtually unsinkable
    • Simple, effective internal engineering
    • Low maintenance costs
    • Easy to install
    • Non-marking PU elastomer skin
    • Available with best in class NanHai Marine chain and tyre nets
    • Standard range supplemented by bespoke design service

    Our floating foam fenders also have a simple yet unique internal structure, which allows the shear loads to be absorbed by a through-chain arrangement terminating in end-shackles rather than the body of the fender itself. This has been engineered so that in the event of overload, any damaged components of this system can be replaced in isolation – as opposed to other foam fenders where the end-fittings form an integral part of the internal workings of the fender and which, if damaged by shear forces, can lead to the fender being written off.

    Floating foam fender specifications:

    Standard capacity fenders:

    Diameter A x body length BEnergy absorption at 60% comp (kNm)Reaction force at 60% comp (kN)Approx. weight (kg)
    300 x 10003.14510
    500 x 10008.77538
    600 x 100012.58945
    600 x 10001510750
    700 x 150025.515677
    750 x 15002916780
    900 x 180050.5241125
    1000 x 150052223110
    1000 x 200069.5297150
    1200 x 2000100356245
    1200 x 2400120428330
    1250 x 2000108371320
    1250 x 2500135464375
    1500 x 3000234668500
    1500 x 4000312891625
    1700 x 3000300757610
    1700 x 3500350883675
    1800 x 3000337801750
    1800 x 3600404692850
    2000 x 3000416891840
    2000 x 35004851039950
    2000 x 400055411881050
    2400 x 400079814251475
    2400 x 480095817101850
    2500 x 400086614851600
    2500 x 5000108218562170
    2500 x 5500119120412325
    2700 x 5400136421652450
    3000 x 5000157422492730
    3000 x 6000187126723150
    3300 x 6500245231844000
    3600 x 7200323238484900
    4000 x 8000443447517400
    4200 x 8400513352388500
    4500 x 9000631360138800
    Floating foam fender specifications:

    High capacity fenders:

    Diameter A x body length BEnergy absorption at 60% comp (kNm)Reaction force at 60% comp (kN)Approx. weight (kg)
    300 x 10003.85411
    500 x 100010.69141
    600 x 100015.310949
    600 x 100018.313155
    700 x 15003119185
    750 x 15003620489
    900 x 180062294140
    1000 x 150064272125
    1000 x 200085363170
    1200 x 2000122436275
    1200 x 2400146523365
    1250 x 2000132454353
    1250 x 2500165567410
    1500 x 3000286817570
    1500 x 40003811089720
    1700 x 3000367926700
    1700 x 35004281080780
    1800 x 3000412980850
    1800 x 36004941176965
    2000 x 30005081089965
    2000 x 350059312711100
    2000 x 400067814521220
    2400 x 400097617431720
    2400 x 4800117120912140
    2500 x 4000105918151865
    2500 x 5000132422692500
    2500 x 5500145624962675
    2700 x 5400166826472865
    3000 x 5000192527503200
    3000 x 6000228732683740
    3300 x 6500299838944735
    3600 x 7200395347065800
    4000 x 8000452258098700
    4200 x 84006277640510000
    4500 x 90007720735310700

    Excellent quality of products and reasonable costing drives our adoption in the global market.

    NANHAI strives to help our customers to succeed.

    Our professional teams are able to offer a best solution for impossible even delivery options.

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