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NanHai Hydro-Pneumatic Fender, developed from traditional pneumatic fender, can be applied for submarine, semi submerged ship which have underwater berthing requirement of STD or STS. Part of hydro-pneumatic fender is filled with water as counterweight to make the fender float in an upright position. When berthing, that the fender can help to keep the reaction force small can protect the ship hull well.

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Hydro-Pneumatic Fenders


The main components: ball valves and safety valve
1. The main valve body part is a sealed cavity formed by welding stainless steel parts;
2. Inflating valve, pressure relief valve, flushing valve and other valve groups are installed on the main body, being connected with thread and flange, which is convenient for installation and operation;
3. Our company owns the safety valve patent (Patent No 201420183938.7) setting pressure 230kPa, meet the requirements of IS017357-1 standard and improve the safety of use.

NanHai has supplied Yokohama submarine fenders to many navies around the world, including those of Australia, Brazil, Canada, Greece, Japan, the United Kingdom and the USA. 

Advantages of hydro-pneumatic fenders over alternative, traditional berthing methods include:

  • Cost effective replacement for deep water catamarans
  • Easily moved to provide flexibility in berthing
  • Easily transported to provide emergency berthing facilities
  • Maintenance requirement almost non-existent
  • Unaffected by extreme climatic conditions


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    1.Low cost and low maintenance cost: The main material of the fender is rubber. The rubber product itself has excellent aging resistance, and the outer rubber layer has good wear resistance. Routine maintenance only needs to check the air pressure regularly, no other maintenance is required.
    2. Low corroded and vulnerable parts: The main cavity is all made of 304 stainless steel Remaining parts made of Q345 H.D.G, Galvanized thickness is not less than 100 microns. Which ensure high surface corrosion resistance. Besides, all metal parts are subjected to strict force analysis at the beginning of the design. The design safety factor is 4-6 times under the tension of the calculated load.
    3. Easy to install in the whole installation process.The water resistance, oil resistance, and corrosion resistance of rubber determine that our fender products can be immersed in seawater for a long time without worrying about seawater corrosion or damage to seawater organisms. (Other types of fender products produced by our company have been immersed in sea water for a long time, and the rubber surface has never been damaged.)
    4. Fender body, counterweight, other chains and connecting accessories are light weight, easy to disassemble.
    5. Easy to transport and Highly replaceable parts: fender body, the largest part of this product, can be folded into a smaller size after deflation and transported by ordinary containers and ordinary supply ships. Greatly reduce the transportation volume and transportation cost. Most of the metal parts are detachable and highly replaceable.
    6. Main performance: high energy absorption and low reaction force. The hydro-pneumatic fender can be compressed up to 45% of its own diameter.


    Floating pneumatic submarine fenders

    Submarine fenders are available in the following standard sizes and pressures, offering a fender system to cope with all designs of submarine, from the smallest conventional submarine to the largest nuclear submarine in service today.

    Typical dimensions:

    Diameter and lengthInitial pressure
    2000mm x 6000mm0.5kgf/cm2
    2500mm x 5500mm0.5kgf/cm2
    2500mm x 9100mm0.5kgf/cm2
    3300mm x 6500mm0.5kgf/cm2
    3300mm x 10,600mm0.5kgf/cm2
    4500mm x 9000mm0.8kgf/cm2

    Excellent quality of products and reasonable costing drives our adoption in the global market.

    NANHAI strives to help our customers to succeed.

    Our professional teams are able to offer a best solution for impossible even delivery options. Larger-sized pneumatic fenders are usually deflated to ship, those method will helping you get the most economical transportation freight costs.

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