NANHAI provides the most convenient and economical ship launching products and technologies in the world. We has innovated ship launching airbag and world-leading production processes to ensure adequate safety performance.

  • BeeNest Airbags
  • Ship Launching Airbag (ES)
  • Ship Launching Airbag (S)
  • Ship Launching Airbag (P)


Ship Launching Airbags

BeeNest Airbag-Ship Launching


Based on the general ship launching airbag, NANHAI carried out technical reforms on the airbag and equipped a layer of solid armor on the outer of airbag, which not only maintains the flexibility of the airbag, but also ensures complete puncture resistance. Suitable for extremely harsh operating environments, it absolutely improves safety and greatly reduces ship launching costs. This is BeeNest Airbag.

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Ship Launching Airbag (ES)


NANHAI ES Type Ship Launching Airbag has made technological innovations in the metal structures at both ends of the airbag to achieve an integrated structure of inflation, pressure measurement and towing.

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Ship Launching Airbag (S,P)


NANHAI S and P Type Ship Launching Airbags adopt world leading airbag production technology and can be used in different operating environments to measure the cost of launching. More importantly, the safety factors reach 4.5 times (Normal 3 times).

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