NANHAI Brief Introduction

Shandong NANHAI Airbag Engineering Co., Ltd was founded in 2003. As the leading brand of China marine fender and marine airbag technology, one manufacturing enterprise specializing in the development and promotion of marine fender and marine airbag technology.
Marine Fender
The marine fender series products developed by NANHAI are applied for the purpose of imparting safety to the port and vessels against collision with other vessels. These are special equipment designed to provide the cushion effect to ship, boats or other naval vessels when they experience collision against other vessels, wharves, piers and ports or berths. These are also referred as marine bumpers.

Products involved | Pneumatic Fender | Foam Fender | Rubber Fender

Marine Airbags
The marine airbags and engineering airbags developed by NANHAI are applied in the fields of ship launching, port construction and tunnel engineering; floating airbags is successfully used in underwater salvage, pipeline laying, box culvert installation and other domestic and foreign floating projects.

Products involved
 | Ship Launching Airbag | Buoyancy Airbags | Industrial Airbags

NANHAI has passed the ISO9001 quality system management certification of Bureau Veritas. The pneumatic rubber fender is certified by ISO17357 and approved by the product type of DNV-GL. The products of NANHAI airbag have been sold to more than 60 countries in seven continents. And the company has many heavyweight customers in the world.


NANHAI not only have wisdom marine products manufacturing line but also own one high-tech marine industry technical team.

●  Complete Ship to Ship (STS) Solution Provided
●  Complete Berthing Solution Provided Other Solutions
●  Complete Ship Launching/Upgrading Solution Provided
●  Complete Buoyancy Project Solution Provided
●  Complete Caisson Moving Project Solutions Provided


NANHAI own many huge projects all over the world (Parts of Partner).

●  CNOOC (China National Offshore Oil Corporation)
●  CIMC (China International Marine Containers Group Co., Ltd.)
●  Brazil Petrobras
●  Petronas (Petroliam Nasional Bhd)
●  Middle East Oil&Gas/Logistics Company
●  Multiple Countries Navy


NANHAI marine fender products passed many third-party inspections, approved Made in NANHAI.

●  BV Inspection (Bureau Veritas)
●  SGS Inspection (Societe Generale de Surveillance S.A.)
●  CCS Inspection (China Classification Society)
●  LR Inspection (Lloyd's Register Group Limited)
●  ABS Inspection (American Bureau of Shipping)
●  DNV-GL Inspection


NANHAI 4P2S Standard-Define the new standards in global marine fender industry

●  Professional (For Brilliant)
●  Production (For Protective)
●  Performance (For Reliable)
●  Personal (For Unique)
●  Speeding (For Efficiency)
●  Service (For Satisfaction)


NANHAI Vision, Mission, Value

Vision Statement, Mission Statement and Core Values.
One company needs a vision and a mission to create a playing field for all team members. The vision sets forth what we stand for. The mission is how we are going to get there. Personal honesty and integrity are the foundation of our success. NANHAI treat every person who walks through our door with respect. Whether it's a customer or an employee, our focus is building loyal, long-term relationships by meeting their needs and earning their trust.
NANHAI Company Vision, Mission, Value
Vision Innovation and promotion of NANHAI NO.1 airbag and fender technology, becoming the world`s first class marine fenders and airbag supplier.
Mission Providing airbag and fender solutions for ports, marine industries and ships.
Value Dedication, pragmatism, learning and innovation


NANHAI 4P2S Standard Introduction

Not Only ISO17357 But Comprehensive Standard

Reliability and safety are the biggest characteristics of industrial products (Pneumatic fenders). The widely recognized standard for pneumatic fenders worldwide is ISO17357. NANHAI hopes to redefine the new standard of marine fender industry: namely NANHAI 4P2S standard, through the newly upgraded pneumatic fender.

NANHAI 4P2S standard is a more comprehensive standard, and ISO17357 is only an important part involved in 4P2S standard. It involves all aspects of product design, production, process, performance, customization, service, etc., Use 4P2S standard to fully protect the reliability and safety of pneumatic fender series products.

4P:Professional Production Performance Personal
2S:Speeding Service