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Industrial Airbags

We have upgraded regular NanHai-ship launching airbags to engineering airbags with ultra-high pressure in order to use them for caisson moving and heavy lifting in harbor construction projects.

Airbags with ultra-high pressure uses high quality rubber and the advanced manufacture process to assure that the largest working pressure up to 1.2Mpa. This kind of ultra high pressure airbags can be used for lifting caissons or heavy structures. Lifting airbags have many advantages compared with the conventional lifting jacks.
Industrial AirbagsIndustrial Airbags
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With the help of this new type of airbags, we successfully moved a well-known ancient sunken ship of the Song Dynasty named "Nanhai No. 1" for 400 meters intact horizontally from the beach to its permanent exhibition site within only two days in 2007, a sensational achievement that stunned the world at the time. Since then, caisson moving with airbags has become the mainstream method in China and accounting for over 70% market share.
  • More economical compared to rail or hydraulic system.
  • high pressure resistance, lifting airbags common working pressure can be 0.2Mpa-0.5Mpa,caisson moving airbags common working pressure can be 0.1Mpa-0.4Mpa.
  • High safety level, safety coefficient more than 4.0.
  • Good air tightness , pressure decreasing lower than 10% within 24 hours.
  • Long life guaranteed , airbags can be repeatedly used for more than 100 times under the condition of normal use.
  • Whole scheme design about delivery of prefabricated caisson.
  • Design of caissom precasting yard.
  • Scheme design of caisson delivery.
  • Supply of airbag products.
  • Technical guidance on the construction site.
  • Training on builders.
Superior Guarantee Supreme Guard-ISO 14409 APPROVED

Industrial Airbags

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