NANHAI is the international leading Floating Fender manufacturer, offer wide-ranging and customized fenders. We have almost 20 years rubber production experience combined with high-performance solutions are suitable for various harsh marine environments.

  • Pneumatic Fender Series
  • Hydro Pneumatic Fender Series
  • Foam Fender Series
  • Donut Fender Series

NANHAI Floating Fenders

NANHAI Marine Fenders

Pneumatic Fenders

  • Ship to ship operation
  • Ship to shore
  • Temporary berthing
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Hydro Pneumatic Fender

  • Submarines
  • Some fast ferries
  • Semi-submersible oil rigs
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Foam Fenders

  • Cruise and Container vessels
  • RoRo and Ferries
  • Bulk cargo
  • Oil and gas tankers
  • General cargo
  • Navy Terminals
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Donut Fenders

  • Locks and dry dock entrances
  • Corner protection
  • Turning/Monopile structures
  • Simple breasting dolphins
  • Bridge protection
  • Large tidal variations area
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NANHAI Product Resources

NANHAI Marine Fenders and Airbags

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Feel free to contact us for more details

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