What is a floating fender

Floating fender is a protective device used to protect the space between ships and docks. It is usually made of rubber, polyethylene and other materials and […]

Why Choose NANHAI Salvage Airbag

Safer and more assuredNanhai uses the best natural rubber, which has high strength, more stable performance, can withstand higher working pressure, and its performance is far […]

Introduction To Ship Launching Airbags

The ship launching airbag produced by NAHAI is an innovative technology widely used in the shipping industry. It is said to have been introduced by the Chinese […]

Airbags Used When Launching Ships

When a ship is launched a device called a “marine launching bladder” is often used. These bags are usually made of high-strength, wear-resistant rubber material and […]

How airbags salvage sunken ships

Air bags are also widely used in shipwreck salvage operations. During shipwreck salvage, air bags are often placed on the sides or bottom of the wreck. […]

How To Inspect Pneumatic Fenders

The inspection of pneumatic fenders usually includes the following aspects: The inspection of pneumatic fenders should be carried out by trained and qualified professionals or third-party […]