Foam Filled Fender

Filled foam fenders are floating compression fenders suitable for a wide range of applications. It consists of an outer polyurea protective layer, reinforced rubber nylon cord […]

Introduction of Polyurethane Foam Fenders

Foam fender is a protective device used in marine engineering and offshore facilities. Its main function is to protect ships, docks, floating bodies and other structures […]

Foam Filled Fender

Solid polyurethane fenders are widely used in ports, offshore, oil platforms and ship-to-ship operations. Shandong Nanhai solid polyurethane floating fender, also known as foam-filled fender, is […]

EVA Polyurethane Fender Introduction

EVA polyurethane fenders are divided into two types: sheathed and unsheathed. Polyurea material is mainly used as the outer protective layer, and EVA foam material is […]

How To Choose Polyurethane Fenders

The three most important parts of a polyurethane fender are: foam core, polyurethane coating, and bottom bracket. Customers must pay attention to the quality issues of […]

Features Of Polyurethane Fenders

Polyurethane fenders(foam fenders) are used in a new type of anti-collision facilities for ships and docks. It has simple structure, convenient installation and light weight. It […]

Intruduction Of Foam Filled Fender

Composition of Foam Filled Fender The interior of the solid polyurethane fender is filled with environmentally friendly material EVA, and the exterior is sprayed with a […]