Polyurethane Fender

Solid polyurethane fenders are widely used in ports, offshore, oil platforms and ship-to-ship operations. Shandong Nanhai solid polyurethane floating fender, also known as foam-filled fender (ball), […]

Offshore Oil Platform Floating Body

Offshore oil platforms also usually adopt floating structures and use floating bodies to aid flotation. These floating bodies can be divided into different types, including steel […]

What Is A Floating Fender

Floating fenders are installed between the dock berth and the ship, including inflatable fenders and foam fenders. What is a marine ball? Marine props were developed […]

Marine Wind Power Platform Floating Body

Offshore wind power platforms usually adopt floating structures, that is, the platform uses floating bodies to maintain buoyancy balance on the sea surface. Floating bodies can […]

Pnuematic Fender

What is a pneumatic fender? Pneumatic fenders were developed in 1958 based on our automotive tire and rubber aircraft fuel tank technology. Marine tying balls are […]

Features Of Foam Filled Fenders

Foam filled fender is a protective device commonly used in fields such as ships and docks. It has the following characteristics: In general, foam filled fenders […]

Application Of Polyurethane Fender

Polyurethane fender(foam filled fender) is a protective device commonly used in ship and port engineering. Its applications include the following aspects: In general, polyurethane fenders(foam filled […]

Introduction To Polyurethane Fenders

Nanhai is an industry-leading manufacturer of ship protection products. The polyurethane solid fenders developed by the R&D center have been adopted by domestic and foreign shipowners, […]