Foam Filled Fender

Filled foam fenders are floating compression fenders suitable for a wide range of applications. It consists of an outer polyurea protective layer, reinforced rubber nylon cord […]

How Does Ship Launching Airbags Work

Ship launching project steps: 1.1 Remove obstacles that block the rolling of the marine airbag during the launch of the ship and obstacles under the ship. […]

Floating Fender

What is a floating fender? Floating fenders are installed between the dock berth and the ship, including inflatable fenders and foam fenders. What is a marine […]

Marine Tug Fender

Tug fenders are mainly used on various tug-type vessels. They are usually installed on the bow, side and stern of the ship to engage in operations […]

Rubber Fender Types And Precautions

Rubber fenders are primarily used as “ship protection” in the maritime industry to absorb collision energy when a ship comes into contact with a dock (or […]

Ship Launching Airbag

Introduction to ship lauching airbagsMarine airbags are an innovative product with my country’s independent intellectual property rights. They are currently widely used in launching and launching […]

EVA Polyurethane Fender Introduction

EVA polyurethane fenders are divided into two types: sheathed and unsheathed. Polyurea material is mainly used as the outer protective layer, and EVA foam material is […]