The Characteristics Of Ship Launching Airbags

The Ship Lauching Airbag is easy to be used, convenient and durable, and is soft and can fold, curly, contraction when it isn’t inflate, it have the enough strength to withstand the pressure of concrete when it is inflated, this is incomparable with any traditional template. It is suitable for pumping holes in reinforced concrete components, including piles, roof trusses, roof panel columns, beams, construction projects, water conservancy projects (docks, slipways, wharves).


  1. The design of marine airbags is scientific and reasonable. The prefabricated or cast-in-place finished components can meet the design requirements, and the operation is simple, labor-saving, time-saving and material-saving.
  2. The marine airbag has good aging resistance and long service life. This product is made of synthetic rubber, natural rubber and reinforced layer after vulcanization. It has good anti-expansion strength, elasticity and flexibility, so it can be used under various working conditions.
  3. The applicable temperature of marine airbags is widely in the range of -10℃~+90℃, and the material does not change.
  4. Marine airbags provide favorable conditions for lightweight construction on the construction site. The prestressed hollow concrete components are 20% lighter than non-prestressed solid components due to the use of marine launching airbags. Therefore, reducing the weight of the upper structure of the building can make piles The foundation is shortened, and the on-site construction is simple and safe.
    The above content is about the performance characteristics of the marine airbag in the process of use. It can be seen that the marine airbag is a very reasonably designed component, which can be used in many places and has good aging resistance and other properties.

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