What Is D-type Rubber Fender

Semicircle (D) type rubber fender belongs to extruded fender, which is a simple rubber profile. It is mainly used in frame type wharf and revetment on the upper part of the wharf.
The D-type fender produced by Nanhai has a large design compression deformation (under the condition that the reaction force does not increase), which is 20% higher than the V-type and 8% higher than the M-type, so that the energy absorption of the D-type rubber fender is greatly increased. The structure is usually connected with bolts.
D-Rubber Fenders can be extruded in almost any length, then cut and drilled to suit a variety of applications. Pre-bent sections and special dimensions, our technical engineers can provide solutions according to your requirements. The color of D-type rubber fender is usually black and gray, and other colors can also be customized according to requirements.

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