Introduction of Rubber Fender

NANHAI can provide comprehensive molded and extruded rubber fenders, which are mainly used in port and wharf construction. Rubber fenders act as shock absorbers by absorbing the berthing energy of the ship on the berthing facility. The main purpose of the rubber fender system is to protect the hull and berthing facilities from damage when the ship is berthing.

When deciding which type and size of fender is best for a particular application, many service factors must be considered, such as type of wharf structure, vessel type and size, vessel berthing speed, method of berthing, currents and wave action. In addition to the standard range of rubber fenders, we also offer customized services. Our engineers can provide you with systematic solutions.

Our most popular fenders are drum rubber fenders, tapered rubber fenders, arched rubber fenders, cylindrical rubber fenders, D-shaped fenders, W-shaped fenders, E-shaped fenders, square fenders Side, SDD-D type fender, tugboat fender, etc.

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