The Arch Fender Of NANHAI

Super arch fenders are manufactured from a single rubber mould, which is very strong and wear-resistant. The shape of the arch fender also gives it unique attributes. The base sides of the fenders are attached to the desired surface, which allows compression and movement under pressure. Archer fenders can absorb greater impacts without warping and deterioration, and can effectively prevent external impacts, play a role in shock absorption and protect ships.
Nanhai’s arch rubber fender is a simple and durable marine fender system. The fender has the advantages of high energy absorption, flexible layout, excellent shear resistance, various standard sizes, good anchorage, and easy installation. It is widely used in ships, wharves, working ship ports, bridges, unloading platforms, etc. Nanhai’s arch fenders have higher stress dispersion and long service life, which can provide reliable and trouble-free service for various berths even under the harshest conditions.

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