Ship Launching Airbag

Introduction of Ship Lauching Airbags
Ship launching airbag is an innovative product with China’s independent intellectual property rights. It is currently widely used in launching of ships, lifting and transporting large heavy objects, salvaging sunken ships, and rescue after being grounded. It has the characteristics of less investment, quick effect, safety and reliability. The application of ship lauching airbags is less restricted by the site and does not require large-scale mechanical equipment, so it can shorten the engineering cycle and save a lot of money. After more than 20 years of development and practice, it has been proved that this product has the characteristics of safety, high efficiency, environmental protection, and flexibility.

Standards for Ship Launching Airbags

The production and application of ship launching airbags are mainly carried out with reference to two industry standards: CB/T3795 “Ship. Airbags for upper and lower discharges” and CB/T3837 “Technical requirements for upper and lower discharges of marine airbags”.
In the “Basic Requirements and Evaluation Methods for Production Conditions of Shipbuilding Enterprises” formulated by the Commission of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense, airbag launching is included as an approved launching method for the first time, and it is stipulated that second-level I enterprises are allowed to adopt the airbag launching method. There are also corresponding requirements for facilities and equipment that use airbags to launch water.

Application of Ship Launching Airbags:

  1. Using airbags for buoyancy and salvage:
    Ship launching airbags can generate greater buoyancy and have a strong load-bearing capacity, and have been widely used in the rescue of stranded ships and other buoyancy aids.
  2. Ships use airbags. Upper and lower water:
    Ships use lifting airbags and rolling airbags as the main tools, support the ship on the airbags, move from the repair site into the water or move ashore from the waters, and use the characteristics of low inflation pressure, large bearing area and easy rolling of the airbag after large deformation , first use the lifting airbag to lift the ship from the pier, rest it on the rolling airbag, and then pull the bow|bow by the steel cable|and the rolling of the airbag to make the ship slide into the water slowly.

The use of airbags to launch ships is an innovative technology with China’s independent intellectual property rights. It is a new technology with great development prospects. It is welcomed by the shipbuilding industry for its features of low investment, quick results, safety and reliability.
After more than 20 years of practice, the airbag launching and launching process for ships has developed from a flat-bottomed boat with a self-weight of tens of tons to a large ship of tens of thousands of tons. Practice has proved that the ship’s airbag launching and launching process is safe and reliable. At present, this technology has been recognized by the shipbuilding industry and port construction industry at home and abroad, and the airbag launching technology has been promoted in the United States, Europe, Southeast Asia and other countries.

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