Features Of Polyurethane Fenders

Polyurethane fenders(foam fenders) are used in a new type of anti-collision facilities for ships and docks. It has simple structure, convenient installation and light weight. It not only has high cushioning and energy absorption performance, but also has strong anti-aging and corrosion resistance.
Polyurethane fender(foam fenders) application range:

  1. All kinds of official ships, tourist ships, freighters, push tugboats, engineering ships, etc.
  2. Wharf, port.
    Function and characteristics of polyurethane fender
  3. Polyurethane is a new type of polymer material. It is a microporous elastomer, which is equivalent to an air spring. It has a huge compression ratio and has a great potential for energy absorption.
  4. High strength, not easy to tear, wear-resistant and aging-resistant.
  5. Small density, light weight, easy installation.
  6. The color is bright and diverse, and the style is beautiful and generous.

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