Foam Filled Fender

Solid polyurethane floating fender, also known as foam-filled fender (ball-based), is a floating fender system that uses lightweight elastic foam as a buffer medium and is more efficient than inflatable fenders. It is used in ports, offshore, and ship-to-ship operations .

Hailun products are made of high-quality materials and new polymer materials with adjustable high elastic modulus. The appearance is made of a new type of sprayed polyurethane (polyurea) elastomer developed in recent years, which can effectively increase the elasticity of the product and the corrosion resistance of seawater. . The product can be used alone or in combination with other protective products. It has high, high elasticity, high adhesion and maximum anti-penetration and anti-aging properties.

Product features: Polyurethane floating fender is also a kind of compression fender. It uses polyurea material as the outer protective layer and polyurethane material or plastic foam as the buffer medium; it absorbs the ship through its compression deformation during use. The impact energy will cause damage to docks and ships. The biggest feature of polyurethane floating fender is that it has floating performance and is not affected by tidal range; the color is bright, and products of various colors can be provided according to user requirements; ;Adopt flange connection, easy to install, move and use; Polyurethane floating fender has small to large reaction force and high energy absorption. The two-wheeled ship is used for receiving and passing ships, and the service life can reach 20-30 years. It can be used in docks, docks, ship sides and other places. It is a new product that replaces inflatable fenders.

Range of use:

1) Wharf, ship fender;
2) It is suitable for gravity type and Dun type wharf, especially for wharf with large tidal range;
3) Especially suitable for ship-to-ship fenders, floating fenders are more adaptable;
4) As a bridge pier fender, to protect bridge piers and ships from damage;
5) As a necessary spare part for wharf protective equipment, it has flexible emergency functions;
6) It is suitable for the berthing use of special naval ships to ensure berthing;
7) When the type floating fender is used, the berthing water depth of the ship can be increased, and the wharf can be upgraded;
8) Floating fenders can be used alone or form a protective system with other protective devices to protect bridge piers and ships.

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