NANHAI pneumatic fenders has the lowest single-application cost in the industry

Floating pneumatic fenders application cost depends on service life and usage frequency. High-performance NANHAI pneumatic fenders can minimize the single-application cost of users.


Application in harshest conditions

Supply of high quality and reliable fenders that can perform effectively even under the harshest environmental conditions. It is therefore extremely crucial for each pneumatic fender to comply with the ISO 17357-1:2014.Application environment is bad,strong wind and waves.Fender compression over 70% still keep superior performance to fully protect ship,not burst. #LargeVessel #StrongWaves #StrongWind

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Shandong NANHAI Airbag Engineering Co., Ltd was founded in 2003. As the leading brand of China marine fender and marine airbag technology, one manufacturing enterprise specializing in the development and promotion of marine fender and marine airbag technology.

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