Super Arch Rubber Fender

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This product is super arch type (DA type) rubber fender. The specification is DA500*2000L. 2 meters long. Made of rubber. It is widely used in various types of docks, ship ports, factories, wharf unloading platforms, yacht docks, large ports, etc. The product quality is reliable, the structure is reasonable, and it can effectively play the role of shock absorption and buffer, protect buildings and vehicles, etc.! This product is of high quality and excellent application effect, welcome to buy! ! (This type of fender includes iron plate weight)
Super arch type (DA type) rubber fender is one of the most widely used fender types at present, and has many advantages such as high energy absorption, flexible layout, and suitable installation scale. Its energy absorption per unit product weight is second only to super drum fenders in compression fenders, 3.5 times higher than cylindrical fenders, and 2.3 times higher than D-type fenders, saving materials. Due to the friction coefficient between the fender working surface (rubber) and the ship’s side plate (steel plate) is as high as 0.6, the super arch (DA type) fender often causes the root of the fender to be torn and damaged during use, which has become a major deficiency of this product. In order to Reduce the coefficient of friction and reduce the shear force on the fender when the ship is berthing (during mooring), thereby prolonging the service life of the product. So there is a super arch fender with anti-shock steel frame (with PE) at the front. However, when this kind of fender is partially stressed, the anti-shock steel frame cannot be restored after being deformed, so the fender is scrapped. Therefore, the products of this structure gradually disappear before being recognized by the majority of users (except for the combined type) .

  1. The design compression deformation is large (under the condition that the reaction force does not increase), which is 20% higher than the V type and 8% higher than the M type, so that the energy absorption of the product is greatly increased.
  2. In the series of compression fenders, arched fenders (TD-B) have high energy absorption per unit weight (rubber consumption).
  3. Good anchoring performance, suitable for ships, docks, docks, etc., with a wide range of applications.
  4. The disadvantage is that the pressure acting on the ship’s deck surface is high, and it is not suitable for ships with low ship’s deck strength (such as oil tankers, etc.).
  5. The front part (working face) of the TD-BB fender is equipped with anti-shock plate and PE laminated plate, which can reduce the surface pressure and reduce the friction coefficient with the ship plate, so that the berthing shear force is greatly reduced.
  6. When the side board of the ship is uneven (small boats or protrusions), the TD-BB fender anti-shock plate is often deformed and damaged during berthing. TD-BPE fender is designed to meet this need. So as to achieve the purpose of reducing the friction coefficient and reducing the berthing shear force.

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