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Intruduction Of Foam Filled Fender

Composition of Foam Filled Fender
The interior of the solid polyurethane fender is filled with environmentally friendly material EVA, and the exterior is sprayed with a new type of polyurethane elastic material with adjustable high elastic modulus. The end is equipped with a galvanized flange, a swivel, and a chain tire protection layer can be installed on the outside.
Product Advantages

  1. With floating performance, the installation location will not be affected by tidal range.
  2. No need to check, no inflation, not afraid of scratching, not afraid of friction, seawater resistance, acid and alkali resistance, service life as long as 10-15 years, and maintenance-free.
  3. There is no danger of blasting and it is safe.
  4. It has better energy absorption performance and lower reaction force performance. When compressed by 60%, the reaction force becomes obvious from small to large, and the energy absorption is extremely high.
  5. The specifications are manufactured according to the needs, and the specifications are the largest in the ship protection.
  6. Various colors can be applied to the surface of the fender, the product is smooth and beautiful, and the logo is obvious.
  7. The chain is used for hanging, which is simple to install and easy to move. The chain tire net can be freely selected to increase the service life of the fender.

Scope of Use
1. Wharf, ship fender;
2. It is suitable for gravity type and Dun type wharf, especially for wharf with large tidal range;
3. Especially suitable for ship to ship, the floating foam fender is more adaptable;
4. As a bridge pier protector, it can protect bridge piers and ships from damage;
5. As a necessary spare part for wharf protective equipment, it has flexible emergency functions;
6. It is suitable for the berthing of special naval ships to ensure the safety of berthing;
7. The use of super-large floating guards can increase the berthing water depth of ships and achieve the purpose of wharf upgrades;
8. Floating foam fenders can be used alone or form a protective system with other protective devices to ensure the safety of piers and ships.