Super Cone Rubber Fenders

Features: The super cone rubber fender is the third-generation product of the drum-shaped rubber fender. It adopts a new structural design of the conical rubber body and the front steel frame, so that the design compression deformation of the fender is from 52.5 to 52.5 without increasing the reaction force. % increased to 70%, becoming one of the rubber fenders today, its appearance can make the wharf structure design lighter and reduce the cost of wharf engineering, it is an ideal substitute for super cell rubber fenders.
It has been ten years since the super cone rubber fender came out, and the design of the super cone rubber fender has become a new trend in today’s wharf design and represents a new level of wharf fender design.

  1. Compared with the super rubber fender of the same specification, the energy absorption is nearly doubled.
  2. When the reaction force and energy absorption of the product are similar, the small-sized TD-AA conical rubber fender can be used instead of the larger-sized TD-A super drum rubber fender, that is, the TD-AA800H conical fender can be used Replacing TD-A1000H fenders to reduce the construction cost of the wharf.
  3. When the ship is berthing at an inclination (below 10°), the performance will not decrease basically (better than TD-A).
  4. Anti-shock plates (steel frames) are installed at the front of the fenders, thereby greatly reducing the surface pressure acting on the side of the ship. According to needs, the surface pressure can be controlled below 25t/m2, which is especially suitable for berthing large ships.
  5. Install ultra-high molecular polyethylene (PE) veneer in front of the anti-shock plate, which can reduce the friction coefficient between the ship and the fender (less than 0.2), so that the shear force (horizontal force) generated by the fender when the ship is berthing is greatly reduced , thereby increasing the life of the fender.
  6. The anti-shock plate generally adopts a closed structure with high strength and good anti-corrosion performance.
  7. Since the fender is not in direct contact with the ship, it has the advantages of no wear on the body and long life.

Scope of application:

  1. It is suitable for wharves that require low reaction force and high energy absorption.
  2. It is especially suitable for docks that require low surface pressure near the berthing ship.
  3. It is suitable for large-scale terminals such as oil terminals and container terminals and open berthing in the open sea.
  4. All occasions where super drum fenders are used.

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