Polyurethane Fender

Nanhai polyurethane fender is a kind of floating fender, also known as EVA foam fender. It uses polyurea material as the outer protective layer, and polyurethane foam material or plastic foam as the buffer medium inside. During use, it absorbs the impact energy of the ship through its compression buffer, thereby reducing the damage to the wharf and the ship.
Advantages of Polyurethane Floating Fenders

  1. It has floating performance and is not affected by the ebb and flow of the tide. The color is bright and various colors can be provided according to customer requirements.
  2. Compared with the inflatable fender, it does not need to be inflated during use, and it is not afraid of scratching, scratching or friction.
  3. It is safe and maintenance-free.
  4. Solid, light in weight, easy to install and move.
  5. When the compression is 60%, the reaction force is obvious from small to large, and the energy absorption is high.
  6. Applied to ship-to-ship and ship-to-dock, it is a substitute for inflatable rubber fenders.
    Polyurethane fenders are now mainly divided into two categories, one is polyurethane solid foam fender, and the other is polyurethane rubber fender. Polyurethane rubber fender is a new type of fender, which combines the toughness of rubber and the color of polyurethane, and has higher practicality.

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