How to Use Ship Launching Airbags

Ships using Nanhai ship launching airbags are very efficient and flexible. In addition, marine airbags can also reduce the pressure of the ship, which is very helpful for protecting the bottom of the ship. Therefore, ship launching are becoming more and more popular. But these advantages can only be maximized when used in the right way.
Shandong Nanhai Company is now making suggestions on how to use offshore ship launching airbags:
(1) In the process of lifting the ship launching airbag from the dock, we must strictly abide by the rules.
(2) When the wire rope in front of the ship falls off, the ship will slide downward with the downward sliding force, uniformly accelerating linear motion and entering the water. In this process, the ship will be mainly affected by the supporting force of the ship launching airbag, the friction between the marine airbag and the bottom plate of the ship, and the gravity. The shipyard can adjust the inflation pressure of the ship launching airbag, thereby adjusting the inclination angle of the ship, so that the gravity of the ship is slightly greater than the friction force, so as to form a suitable sliding force, so that the ship slides along, and the sliding speed gradually increases.
(3) When the ship enters the water, the stern will start to accept the buoyancy of the water, and then the ship will continue to move towards the river. As the volume of the submerged stern increases, the stern will gradually rise until the ship leaves the berth.
(4) When the ship is in a fully floating state, the ship moves inertially onto the river.

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