Ship Launching Airbag

Ship launching airbags are mainly used in the fields of launching and launching of ships, lifting and transporting heavy objects, and buoyancy aid for underwater installations. Marine airbags are widely used, and the product is less restricted by the site, without the need for large-scale mechanical equipment, which can shorten the working cycle and save a lot of money. Through years of development and practice, the product has the characteristics of safety, high efficiency, environmental protection, and flexibility.
1) Select high-quality imported natural rubber, such as: smoked sheet rubber RSS and 3L natural rubber from Thailand and Malaysia, which have good elasticity, aging resistance, burst resistance and no delamination. At the same time, high-efficiency anti-aging agents are used in rubber manufacturing, which is environmentally friendly and No cracks.
2) Using 3-strand nylon cord, the tensile breaking strength is 31 kg, high tensile strength, high bearing capacity, safe and reliable.
Manufacturing process:
overall winding process
The overall frame of the airbag adopts cross-wrapping, with reasonable structure, clear lines, no seams, high load capacity and large safety factor, which is 20% more loaded than the lap joint (ground rolling) process.
Structural construction:
The airbag structure is composed of outer layer rubber + nylon cord reinforced rubber layer.
Its shape features: cylindrical in the middle + tapered at both ends.
Cord layers: 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 layers

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