Rubber Fenders: Types & Things to Note
Rubber Fenders: Types & Things to Note
Yokohama fender-Pressure Rating
NANHAI Pneumatic Fender 50 (Initial Internal Pressure 50kPa)
NANHAI Pneumatic Fender 80 (Initial Internal Pressure 80kPa)
yokohama fender- Type A (CTN Type)
CTN type fenders are covered with a chain net, wire net or fiber net for small size fenders. Usually these nets have used-tires together with rubber sleeves for additional protection, except fiber net which has only rubber sleeves. Chain nets last longer against corrosion, while wire nets are light and more easily repaired.

Truck Tyre丨 Aircraft Tyre
yokohama fender- Type B (Sling Type)
NANHAI Sling-type fenders φ500×1000L-φ4500×12000L have an attachment eye on each end for lifting and installation. Handling of sling type fenders is easy due to their lightweight.
- Ribbed Pneumatic Fender
The Ribbed pneumatic fender is a lighter and less bulky rubber protector than the standard fender with tire net. The ribbed type has reinforcements as a sort of rib cage integrated into the Pneumatic fender. At each end of the ribbed type fender, a flange with shackle and swivel is mounted to which a chain or cable can be attached.
- Hydro Pneumatic Fender
The Hydro pneumatic Fender is a special version of the Pneumatic Fender developed for submarines. Hydro pneumatic Fenders are partially filled with water and air and are equipped with a counterweight in order to keep them in a vertical position. This ensures that the submerged hull is properly protected by the fender at all times.
- Aircraft Tyre Chain Net Pneumatic Fender
Aircraft tire chain nets use air craft tires,instead of automobile tires, to keep larger stand-off distance and enough protection for the fender body.

- Grey Pneumatic Fender
Grey Fender is a specially formulated rubber with color compound added. Creamy white color can be requested instead of grey color as an alternative.