Get your Equipment with Early Bird Promotion Right Now

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Get your Equipment with Early Bird Promotion Right Now

Dear Customer and Partner:

Time is flashing and there are only few months left in 2021. The winter and New Year will coming pretty soon. 2021 is a pretty hard year because we are not only faced the sharp rising of shipping expenses and raw material’s cost but also the Covid-19 pandemic. Although 2021 is a difficult year, NANHAI still wish our customers have a satisfied year 2021 and Happy New Year in advance.

During the 2021, NANHAI have made many great achievements in our products upgrading, giant solution making marketing development and made remarkable sales performance. We truly feel grateful from our customers and anyone who cooperated with us before. The future of NANHAI Engineering can’t without yours involvement. We will always stand by your side and won’t disappoint the relationship and cooperation with you.

During this time, our sales will enter the end of the year when the winter is coming. According to the forecasting from our marketing department, the raw materials and shipping expense will increasing continuously in the future. It will obviously hurt the benefit of our current and new customers. Therefore, before we enter the end of year, we would like to offer the best price to feedback our customer:

Customer or partner who have projects on hand to be finished in 2021.
Customer or partner who need to fill inventory for future project.

Products will be sold with the greatest price during 2021 from present to the end of December. It’s such a pretty good chance to save your cost and budget and also avoid the risk from the rising of shipping expenses and raw material’s cost. It’s pretty important to catch such a good chance to make your procurement plan next year or finish your essential projects in the end of 2021. It’s our pleasure to assist you during the hard time and we want to accompany with you when we face the potential risks.

More details about our promotion plan or specific discount please contact us right now. NANHAI will always stand by your side and willing to become your partner to success. Choose NANHAI and you won’t regard.

Products that enjoy the promotion activity

Marketing Department


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