How To Choose Polyurethane Fenders

The three most important parts of a polyurethane fender are: foam core, polyurethane coating, and bottom bracket. Customers must pay attention to the quality issues of these three parts when choosing to avoid unnecessary losses.
Polyurethane fender foam core: Foam core is a key factor that reflects the performance of polyurethane fenders. Closed-cell foam core should be used. At the same time, the foam density will also be different according to different expansion ratios. It is necessary to communicate with the manufacturer based on actual application conditions.
Polyurethane coating: It is the protective layer of polyurethane fender and has the function of dispersing force. The quality and thickness of the polyurethane coating resists friction damage to polyurethane fenders. At the same time, attention should be paid to the structural arrangement of the tire cord layer.
Center axis: The center axis is the key point that supports the polyurethane fender. The material and strength of the central axis determine the service life of the polyurethane fender. The reasonable size and strength of the bottom bracket can greatly improve the overall cost performance of the product.

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