Pneumatic Fenders

These Yokohama fenders are popular in STS (ship-to-ship) usage. Body Construction The basic body construction of a pneumatic rubber fender consists of an outer layer made of rubber, cord layers and inner rubber layer vulcanised together. End flanges are available at both ends for air charging purposes. The outer rubber layer is made of strong rubber material to withstand external forces and protect the other layers from abrasion as well as hard usage on bad weather conditions. NanHai cord layers are innovatively designed at ideal angles to evenly distribute the stress acting upon the fender. Integrative twine technology and polyamide fiber with high tensile stress are applied to provide strength and hold the internal pressure during usage. This helps distribute the stress uniformly, maintaining the energy absorption and increasing its efficiency. The inner layer is tasked to seal the air inside, minimising the air leakage using a material with airtight qualities.
Main Types of Protective Net
Pneumatic fenders can come without a protective net and is usually black in color. Colors can be changed according to client needs and NanHai usually has 3 types of protective net that enhance the shelf life of the products.

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