Ship Launching with Rubber Airbags



Ship launching with rubber airbags is an innovative technology that is widely used in the shipping industry. It is said to be introduced by the Chinese for use in emergency launching during the early 1980s.

Over the years, ship launching airbags have been embraced by shipping industries in various parts of the world. In fact, NanHai Groups Marine has shipped ship launching airbags to 7 continents to date. This technology helps to overcome fixed launching track challenges. This technology has offered flexibility and it saves both time and effort for small and medium-sized shipyards. The technology is reliable, safe and is a good investment for shipyards. This traditional technology was only effective in the launch and landing of small and medium-sized ships but today its application is more versatile in many ways.

Airbag Uses

Ship launching using marine airbags relies on airbags that measure usually from 0.8m to 2.5m in diameter. These airbags usually have lengths from from 5.0m to 25.0m. They are used to launch ships as well as other functions in floating, salvaging and loading. The airbags are popular for launching and landing of chemical tankers and cargo boats. They are also effective for moving and lifting sunken ships or salvaging vessels that are stranded. Shipyards can save in investment expenses with these versatile and portable airbags.

Ship landing for repairs with rubber airbags makes it possible for vessels to land in locations that were previously restricted. Vessels no longer have to land on dry docks. The airbags have been tried and tested for several years and it is now possible to launch ships that weigh between 100 ton and more than 10,000 tonnes.


Ship Launching Airbag Features

Ship launching with rubber airbags is made possible through the use of specially designed airbags. These airbags are made of rubber layers and synthetic-cord-reinforced rubber layers. The two layers are vulcanized and air is compressed inside them to allow them to roll.

The outer layer of the airbag is made of rubber and it is designed to protect the cord layers that are inside from external forces such as abrasion. The material used for the outer layer is strong enough to withstand different weather and physical conditions.

The synthetic reinforcement layer is similar to what is found in tires. The cord layers are organized at specific angles so that stress is evenly distributed to offer adequate reinforcement. The airbags also have end fittings, which include a safety air inlet and airtight swivel.


Benefits of Ship Launching with Rubber Airbags

The rubber airbags used for ship launching application is an innovative technology with a main aim to improve efficiency. At NanHai Groups Marine, only high quality raw materials are used to produce the airbags. This material has attained the ISO standard.

Ship launching with rubber airbags is a cost effective solution and the airbags can be used for 7 to 15 years with reasonable maintenance and care.

The quality and safety of the airbags is guaranteed and this is a significant advantage for the shipyards. The airbags have been tested in the laboratory and in the field to ascertain their effectiveness and safety. Shipyards can get free consultation during the design process to ensure they get airbags that meet their unique individual requirements.